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Ever wonder where your money goes?  You won't once you start using MagnaMoney, our online personal financial management tool.

MagnaMoney keeps you on top of your finances.  It lets you see your Hoya Federal Credit union account information along with information from other financial institutions --- all in one place.

You can use MagnaMoney to:

  • See the "big picture" at a glance
  • Set budgets and goals for saving and spending
  • Track expenses and group them in categories
  • Create calendars and schedule paydays and payment due dates
  • Calculate and track your net worth as it changes
  • Get alerts for just about anything!

MagnaMoney can help you manage your finances, no matter how complicated they are.  And it's easy to use.

MagnaMoney is the easy (and free!) way to manage your money online.  Complete and submit the enrollment form so you can start using MagnaMoney today!