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Our card monitoring service works around the clock – year round –  monitoring card activity to limit your risk to fraud. They may block your card usage if they suspect  suspicious or uncharacteristic activity on your card, and your card will remain blocked until they confirm the transactions with you.
When you travel this summer – or anytime, we want your trip to go as smoothly as possible. While we can’t control traffic jams, delayed flights, lost luggage and other travel calamities, we can help you avoid the frustration of having your card declined because it’s been blocked for possible fraud while you’re on vacation. 
Simply notify us of your travel plans ahead of time by calling us at (202)687-4841 or send us an email through our secured messaging service within online banking, so we can ensure your card is not blocked during your travel. And for safe measure, keep these contact numbers on hand while you travel:
Fraud Monitoring Department
Report Lost/Stolen
Visa Check Card
Visa Credit Card


Important Notice:  ATM Withdrawal Procedures

When traveling abroad some members have run into issues performing withdrawals at ATMs.

Unlike here in the States, debit cards issued to consumers in other countries are generally only tied to a single account.  When using an ATM aboard to withdraw funds from your account, the ATM will try and perform the withdrawal from the primary account tied to the card.  Your savings account is considered your primary account, and therefore when you attempt to withdraw funds from a foreign ATM it may automatically attempt to pull those funds from your savings account. While withdrawals from your savings account are allowed, due to federal regulations, you are only able to perform six withdrawals and/or transfers from a savings account in any given month.

In order to perform a withdrawal from your checking account, you may need to select the other account option button, which may be noted as "Other Account", "Secondary Account" or something to that affect.  If you run into issues, you may also try performing the withdrawal by selecting the "VISA" option.

We wish you a safe and wonderful vacation.