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Share Certificates

Share Certificates

Start with as little as $500 or more, choose a term from 6 months to 5 years, and just sit back and watch your money grow! We offer Regular Certificates, as well as IRA Certificates for retirement planning. There is a penalty for early withdrawals.

Accumulator Certificate Accounts

Who else would come up with an idea like this? Our Accumulator Certificate Accounts* are perfect for 10-month school employees or can be used to save for vacation and special events. It’s also a great starter certificate for first-time and for young savers.

Here’s how they work:

Just open your account with $100 (maximum $2,000), and select a term from 180 to 364 days. Add $25 or more each month or each pay period through automatic deposits, and save for summer expenses or a special goal.

*Deposits into the account are not available for the last 7 days of the term of the certificate. Electronic deposits are not required for members 18 and under.